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Virtual Tour Preparation Guide

All the Home Preparation Documents You Need:

Ready to photograph your property? Almost…

Below are prep lists and shot list guides and extra blank shot list forms

for the interior and exterior of your home to guarantee success with your photo shoot.

Please download any and all documents that make it easy to get started before your shoot.

Home Prep Guide - Internet

Keep the Home Buyer's Eye in Mind!

Your real estate agent has chosen Pierfront Media Photography to display and market your home on the Internet and to supply photographs for your agent for brochures and marketing materials.

Photographing homes over the years, we’ve learned that each home has a unique personality that has been recognized and photographed with the “buyer’s eye in mind” – and so will yours.

Remember we’re giving the potential buyer vision… Allowing them to say, “Hey, I want to live in this place!”

We will take care in each house, small or large — to showcase your home in its best way possible.

But to do that — we will need your help!

Please read over these suggestions and checklists that we have compiled as your home preparation guide to help with selling your home fast!

Standard residential photo shoots can take anywhere from 2-4 hours to complete all the required interior and exterior stills, video and aerial footage.

The more prepared you are,
the quicker your shoot will be completed & edited,
and have your home successfully listed on the MLS.

Download Your Residential Shot List Below:

Included are three options to make it easy to choose your photo shoot:

  1. Completed Shot List – Just pick your shots to start
  2. Guided Shot List – Choose how many shots and where
  3. Blank Shot List – Get every shot exactly how you want.

We’ve provided two form sizes to match your reading/writing style with more or less space.

Have a lot of rooms? Go with 14 pt. Just a few? Download the 16pt.

We recommend starting at the front door and walking through the entire home. Matched with your home prep checklist, you’ll be ready for the perfect residential home shoot.

We want to give you every advantage for listing your home as perfectly as you experience it in person.

Pierfront Media Shot List Templates - 16pt

Professional Real Estate Photography
Aerial Drone Services and More!

Don't just show it. Show it off! - Only with Pierfront Media

Faster Turnover Time & Satisfaction Guaranteed

Give the property marketing experts a call today and get started

Keep in Mind This Powerful Add-on

Aerial Drone Video & Photos

Real Estate Aerial Photography Golden & FrontRange

Bring your listings to life with professional photography and drone services that highlight your listing’s best features.

Drone-shot photos and videos have rapidly become a mainstay of real estate and small business marketing.

Our agile radio controlled quad-copter drone can elegantly maneuver along a driveway, swoop over homes, vacant property, construction sites, and even ascend to the height of a future tower. 

Photos and video taken from our drones are more visually appealing and unique than standard scenes from ground or pole-level.

Unique and attention-grabbing!

Your property interiors will look their best when paired with one of our affordable drone packages. Immediately get your buyers attention and snag more listings by offering the best service in town.

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