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TLDR (too long didn’t read, not to worry).

  • Unlimited photos with today’s technologies doesn’t always mean great photography
  • Getting the shot right is a masterful skill we can’t ignore
  • Great real estate photos exemplify exactly what life will feel like living there.
  • Landscaping and maintenance really elevate the value of a property.
  • There is always a clear difference between good and exceptional.
  • Knowing how to position your photo shoot takes an eye for design.
  • Commercial aerial photography requires skill and a license.
  • Crafting the story and narrative of a property in it’s community conveys the feeling of home.

Now Let’s Learn More About You – Residential Real Estate Sales Photos or Commercial Photos Needed?

The value of a real estate photographer and where I learned about the power and creativity of photography:

1. My passion for photography started with Graphic Arts in high school, back when processing film was a required step. 

Our teacher Mr. Ang would always challenge us to go out and capture the world around us. We’d often make a game of who could process their film into the chemical canister tank the fastest. I think we were down to about 30 secs from out of camera and into our blackout bags and into the canister. An added benefit, a friend’s father worked for Kodak and supplied us with an endless amount of free film and photo paper.

This basically gave free reign on shooting and processing whatever photos we wanted anytime. But just like today, unlimited photos doesn’t always mean great photography. 

2. Fast forward to 2007 and I was one of the first in line for an iPhone. Despite all the new features, having the most accessible camera right in my pocket I was photographing anything and everything. From a cup of coffee to the beaches in Rio de Janiero. We all know technology is a huge component when it comes to cameras, but these days we hardly blink with a new phone update because we’re all at a level playing field. Back to basics… getting the shot right is a masterful skill that we can’t ignore.

Important lessons YOU and I can take forward when photographing, preparing a space to be photographed, and letting your clients/customers know you’re a professional. 

My background has always been an entrepreneur (with a degree to show for it),

but all business comes down to the essentials of respecting and educating the customer,

having a quality product or service,

and above all marketing…

You have to get the word out.

Real Estate Photographer Smart Home
Real Estate Photographer - Coastal Smart Home

3. Working in smart home automation in Miami Beach we were privileged to work on a lot of nice homes and businesses and with a lot of fun clients (and celebrities too).

Photographing these properties when the job was completed was the best part because these photos always became our advertising, exemplifying exactly what life will feel like when you’re living in this space.

Educating our clients about all the functions, controlling anywhere in the house, so they can show off for their friends to enjoy was a rewarding part of the job too.

4. When taking photos of our client’s exterior, we can’t express enough the importance of properly attending to the landscape prior to a photo shoot, both for on the ground and aerial photography. A few years later I began working with landscaping in the affluent neighborhoods of Boston proper. Learning from some incredible nurseries nearby and other professional landscape designers it was easy to see how new planting arrangements and key twilight lighting can make a significant upgrade to a property and beautify one of our client’s most personal assets. Take a look at our other Virtual Tour Preparation List Suggestions to ensure a smooth and beautiful photo shoot. Download and print a checklist as well.

5. There is no hiding attention to detail when it comes to someone’s personal vehicle. Founding an eco-friendly high-end detailing service, we often photographed our clients high-end sports vehicles, classic collectible cars, and daily drivers in Newport Beach, CA. 

There is always a clear difference between good and exceptional detail and we pride ourselves on being able to point out that value. Attending frequent car events like Cars and Coffee, Targa Trophy and the SEMA show in Las Vegas allowed us to really dive into automobile lifestyle photography and videography as well. 

6. Knowing exactly where to position our furnished home photo shoots, or handing off 3D design for virtually staging interior photography to help a client envision a future in that space takes an eye for design. Helping found a luxury furniture store with an interior designer friend, taught the value of working to please our client’s every last wish for the most comfortable living and work spaces. Seating, storage, fixtures, finishes, lighting and custom construction were of the highest importance to crafting a pleasing layout just waiting to be photographed.

Bear Creek Greenbelt Aerial Photo

7. Professional drone photography requires focus and ability to smoothly capture the property in three-dimensional space all under the guiding eye of the FAA. But this portion of our work is a pure delight. We take licensing and the rules of commercial drone operations seriously and make sure we get the shot even in the windy conditions we often experience here in the Front Range.

8. Crafting the story and narrative within the community that a property is situated really drives home the essence of our real estate marketing. Connecting the value and experience of the town close by let’s you picture life in that place. Ultimately I enjoy being able to express the value of a property through real estate photography and videography/cinematography. 

I am always excited to take on a new project working with you to list your clients home or express your commercial business/restaurant space in the most pleasing and realistic light.

Reach out today to let me know what projects you have on your hands, or

Get started now by selecting your desired photography marketing service.

I look forward to working with you,